Frontcrawl Technique

Here are some helpful tips about freestyle including drills for kicking and lengthening your stroke.

Frontcrawl Kicking

Kicking with no kick-board

Push off the wall with both arms extended. Pull one arm down by the side and kick 10 kicks while lying slightly on one side in the breathing position. After 10 kicks roll onto the other side. As you do perform one controlled stroke. Reduce the number of kicks to 6 per side and repeat.

Kicking with kick-board

When you are kicking with a kick-board try kicking without your feet breaking the surface. Exaggerate the kick. You will feel the effect on your ankles! Make sure at all times you have your toes turned in slightly towards each other.

When you are kicking always kick fast. It not only is very good cardiovascular exercise but it is also good for your core strength.

Frontcrawl arms only

This can be done by using a pull-buoy for arms only or with hand paddles or with both. If you are using hand-paddles then getting the correct size is important. Too big and you may find you cannot maintain the correct “high elbow” position throughout the pull.

You can also try counting strokes with or without a pull-buoy. You might find that you take fewer strokes per lap with pull-buoys!

Frontcrawl Drills

Start with arms extended. Keep one arm extended then do one arm pull and recover with the other arm. Just before the arms “catch up” again start the next stroke.

You need good control for this drill and you need to kick otherwise you will sink! When you turn to breathe make sure you roll the body as you would in full stroke. Don't just turn the head to breathe.



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