Swimming is a great sport. Especially if you want to get fit. Whether you are a recreational swimmer or a serious competitive swimmer then there are always ways you can improve.

I have included some tips to help you with your training. There will be more to follow. Please check this page regularly.

 If you can - warm up on the poolside before you start. Warm muscles are much less likely to strain.

 Start at a steady pace.

 Check your pulse regularly. Use the pace clock, most pools have them. Count how many beats there are in 10 seconds and multiply by 6. Try and keep it around the 150 – 160 mark to burn off that fat.

 Count your strokes. Start counting each time your right hand enters the water. Count for one or two laps. Then try and reduce that number. A more efficient stroke makes it easier to swim and gives you motivation that you are improving.

 Rather than just swimming a certain number of laps, break your swim into intervals. For example 10 x 50 metres. Time each one. Take 20 seconds rest.
You can play around with sets such as the one above.

If you can keep the same time on each “rep” of the set comfortably try swimming each rep one second faster. Alternatively reduce the amount of rest to 15 seconds and hold the same time.

 Mix up your training with some legs only (kicking) and arms only (pulling)

You can also enhance your training with land work. If want to do weight work. Light weights and fast reps are best for muscle toning. Heavy weights will just put on bulk and could decrease your flexibility.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact me and bookmark this page and check for regular updates.

Peter Hood



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